Founded in 2000 by award-winning composer Josh Kirsch, Kirsch Electric is a music and sound design company born in the spirit of the boutique. Kirsch Electric is dedicated to providing unique, creative solutions in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere that helps to offset the last-minute pressures that creative teams often face.
The composers at Kirsch Electric include Josh Kirsch, Keith Lomenzo, Edgard Jaude and as well as a talented freelance team. Each find their inspiration using both new and classic technologies such as Pro-Tools, Logic, and the Synclavier for each musical undertaking. Breakthrough sound design including foley, SFX, and customized blendings of any configuration, modern cutting-edge musical works that run the gamut from hip hop, techno, classical, dub, dance as well as traditional orchestrations. We have created works for national television advertising, cinema, DVD, radio, film, record companies, tv, national and cable networks. and the web.